Vibration washing machines

Vibrations are really easy to produce in this world…
(a washing machine dance floor has been built in a schoool of art in 2009…)

Rudimentary windmills or watermills car easily produce ” bad” vibrations, even without rotating system: On some rivers, you can see branches of trees having some “cycling movements” into the water ==> they just go one way, attached to a focal point, then they go the other way, pushed by the flow. This system can be exploited in a DIY process, with wind or water.

Car or truck transports create also a lot of vibrations. In many poor countries, there are a lot of taxis, and a lot of holes in the streets in the big cities. This could be exploited, with a container in the back of the car…

But an important attention shoul be given to the shape and material of the container, if you don’t want to have the clothes damaged by a rasp effect. The material must be very smooth.

There is a good demo of a vibrating windmill in the site, look at the video.