Washing technologies

Most of the times, washing machines agitate dirty clothes in water with detergents:

  • Rotative systems are efficient, but need more expensive technologies, complicated designs, lot of energy. Less adapted to DIY.
  • Vibrating systems should be more easier and cheaper to build in poor conditions. DIY friendly.
  • Brushing or batting systems could also be explored. Noisy in DIY conditions.
  • Water pressure systems could also be explored.
  • Bubbling systems are maybe efficient in some energetic contexts.
  • An interesting challenge of this project is bacterial washing. Bacterias which eat dirt and let the clothes clean
  • Ultrasonic machines are very efficient, can also wash dishes, but still expensive to build. Can we find the low-cost, DIY, recycled parts, Ultrasound generator ?
  • Algs ? Fish ? any idea is welcome. Give your comments here !